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I'm working on a game to introduce groups to our DVD collection (and to have fun).  

It's based on the game Balderdash.  I'll introduce a scene (from a movie in the Dresser Library collection) and frame it with a question about what is said (or happens next).

Teams (or players) will write their answer.  That answer will be mixed with the actual finishing line.  All the choices will be read and each team will vote on what they think the best ending is. We'll then play the scene with the actual ending. Like in Balderdash, you get points if someone guesses that YOUR team's offering is the actual one.

Here's an example.  

Here's the scene (with the last line cut-out):

Now each team would supply their version of the ending.   In thise case ....

After all the entries (i.e., each team's proposed version of how Mattie's line ends) have been heard and voted on , we play the entire clip and award points.


One more example here ... Bella and Edward in Twilight