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Local Dresser and Area History.

An ongoing goal here at the Dresser Library is to help the community discover and preserve its history.  This is to keep track of the various digging we've done into that history.

Photos from the SCF Historical Society Big Box O' Photos.
Here's our album of digitized 
Here's an entry on founder Mrs. Charlotte Dresser's frontier memories:

An entry on the 1913 Supreme Court case out of Dresser. http://tiny.cc/dplSupreme
Here's that picture with a mysterious reference to the 1916 "safe bandits": http://tiny.cc/dplSafeBandits
An entry on the 1922 story of Lottie Bock, the abandoned wife of the Klondike millionaire:  http://tiny.cc/dplKlondike
Here's the article from the June 2, 1931 Madison Capital Times about Dresser "dumping" the indigent on Minnesota: https://tiny.cc/dplDepDump
An entry on the Depression-era hobo camps: http://tiny.cc/dplHobos
An entry on early press about the Traprock Plant: http://tiny.cc/dplTraprock
Here's our entry on Robert Johnson's 1951 trip to LA: http://tiny.cc/dplLAfugue
The spate of 1951 articles on Dresser's celebrity polio couple: http://tiny.cc/dplPcouple
The Dresser Elementary School Jumper, the yearbook from 1954. http://tiny.cc/dpl54yrbk
A little off-topic (but on the general Wisconsin History theme), here's a link to a fascinating digital copy of an 1889 sensationalistic, muckraking account of the "Wisconsin Pineries Scandal" -- the deep-woods bordellos for lumberjacks: https://tiny.cc/dplPineries
Also here's a recruiting poster for the 19th Indep. Infantry Regiment out of Eau Claire.  We all enjoyed the incentive for enlisting: 100 gold dollars to be paid and "160 acres of land will PROBABY be given." http://tiny.cc/dplHoWars